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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I want to employ a student-athlete?

  1. Contact the Compliance Office to ensure that the student-athlete has received approval to work from his/her head coach and academic counselor.
  2. Complete Form B: Employer Agreement. Submit the form to the Compliance Office via fax at 225-578-2430 or e-mail to

When can I employ a student-athlete?

A student athlete may work at any time provided he/she has received approval from the Compliance Office, in addition to his/her head coach and academic counselor. A student-athlete may work as many hours as his/her schedule allows, but he/she may not miss class for work under any circumstance.

May I employ multiple student-athletes?


Do I have to complete a separate form for each student-athlete that I employ?


How much can I pay a student-athlete?

You may pay a student-athlete only at a rate commensurate with that of other employees performing similar tasks. If a student-athlete works as a cashier and your cashiers earn $8/hour, you may only pay the student-athlete $8/hour. Additionally, a student-athlete may only be paid for work actually performed.

Can I provide transportation for the student-athlete to get to and from work?

It depends. You may only provide a student-athlete with a benefit if you make that benefit available to all employees. Therefore, you may only provide transportation if you offer transportation to all of your employees.

Should I keep track of the student-athletes work hours?

Yes. You should record all work hours, in addition to maintaining pay stubs. The Compliance Office may request these records to verify employment details and requests that you submit this documentation - along with Form C: Employment Verification - at the conclusion of the student-athlete's employment period.

Other than initial registration, when else should I contact the Compliance Office?

You should contact the Compliance Office immediately if there are any changes in the student-athlete's employment status (e.g., wages, termination, etc.).