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Honey Badger Does Care

The LSU Compliance Office has issued several Cease & Desist notifications for products including the name, likeness and/or image of LSU football student-athlete Tyrann Mathieu.

Please be advised that the sale of any products and/or advertisements including the name, likeness or image of this individual or any other LSU student-athlete is in violation of NCAA Bylaw and could have a negative impact on the involved student-athlete's eligibility.

Apparel or paraphernalia including the phrase "Honey Badger" accompanied by the number 7 or the individual's name or any other variation thereof (e.g., TM7, TM, HB7, etc.) is prohibited. Because it is a recognizable nickname, "Honey Badger" is considered a likeness of Tyrann Mathieu under NCAA regulations.

​Examples of Impermissible Products/Advertisements ​
The word "Honey Badger" or an image of a Honey Badger accompanied by​: The number 7​
TM7 (or any other likeness)
Name of individual
Image of individual​
​LSU Indicia

The Compliance Office formally requests that any individuals producing and/or selling products with the name, likeness or image of Tyrann Mathieu - or any other LSU student-athlete - cease and desist doing so immediately.

For clarification on the permissibility of a specific item, please contact the Compliance Office at 225-578-4100.

Cease & Desist notifications have been issued on the following impermissible items:

UPDATE (12/12/11): For further clarification of this topic, click HERE.