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Current Student-Athletes

Automobile Registration


Employment Approval

Athletic Department Internship Request

Non-Institutional Camp Employment Approval

Non-Institutional Camp Employment Follow-Up

Outside Competition (Golf & Tennis)

Outside Competition (other sports)

Outside Consultant/Athletic Trainer

Instructional Products Approval

Coaches & Staff

Staff Additions:

Noncoaching Sport-Specific Administrator Approval

Student Assistant Coach Approval

Volunteer Assistant Coach Approval


Complimentary/Prorated Camp Admissions Approval

Camp Brochure Review

Reimbursement of Camp Fees Approval

Camper Transportation Approval

Student-Athlete serving as Camp Staff Member Approval

Men's Basketball Camp Staff Member IAWP Verification

Non-institutional Staff Employment Request

Camp Staff Member Background Check

Outside Student-Athlete as Camp Staff Member Notification

Payment of Camp Fees Declaration

Institutional Coaches Clinic Approval Form

TAF Forms (TSC):

Check Request Form

Credit Card Voucher Form

Deposit Transmittal Form

TSC Employee Packet

TSC Independant Contractor Packet




PSA Ticket Request

Official Visit Snack Reimbursement

Football Official Visit Meal Charges (In-Season)

Football Official Visit Meal Charges (Out-of-Season)

Prospect Declaration (to be completed via JumpForward)

Prospect Expenses Incurred En Route Worksheet

Prospect Unofficial/ Official Visit Meal Tracking Form

Prospect Post Official Visit Vertification Form

Prospect Reimbursement Form

Recruiting Principles & Policies Acknowledgement

Student Host Declaration (to be complete via JumpForward)

Unofficial Visit (to be completed via JumpForward)

Unofficial Visit Housing Pre-Existing Relationship Declaration

Recruiting Services:

Recruiting Service Approval

Video Recruiting Service Approval


Home Competition Meal Declaration

Staff Member Ticket Distribution Statement 


Booster Club Brochure Review

Equipment Purchase

Institutional Award Approval

Nutritional Supplement Purchase Approval

Occasional Meal Approval

Pre-Existing Relationship Declaration

Prospect-Aged Group Use of Facilities Approval

Student Travel Release

Student Worker Weekly Interactions

Tailgate Meal Receipt

Agents & Advisors:

Initial Registration

Renewal Registration


          Pre-Employment Agreement

Post-Employment Verification